Doshas & lunar phases – (Kiental May 1990)

I’ll take this opportunity today to talk about the rhythms, the rhythms of the human being. Now, we always suggest to people that if they are going to meditate, it is better to meditate after midnight because the rhythm of the body is…

Learning how to say ‘No’ – (Kiental May 1990)

Imagine if everything was nice and rosy? You will never make an effort. Every person who evolves spiritually, who wants to evolve spiritually, has to do battle with the lower nature.

Demonic forces – (Kiental May 1990)

As you meditate you will not just see the lovely flowers, and the lights and the colours that people say they are seeing... you will see more than that. You will see things that you couldn’t believe ever existed.

The visionary eye – (Kiental May 1990)

Lift all the time your consciousness to the heart chakra, and to the head chakra, and to the thousand petal lotus of your mind.